Effective January 1, 2006, New York State has amended its Navigation Laws
raising the minimum age for unaccompanied operators of a personal water
craft to 14.  Unchanged is the requirement that ALL operators of personal
water craft, regardless of age, must have on their person a Certificate or
Card proving the successful completion of an approved Boating Course.

The amended law does provide a "break- in" period, so to speak.  Until
1/1/2009 underage  riders who earn a boating safety certificate may operate
a jet ski if they are "accompanied" by someone 18 years of age or older, who
also holds a valid Boating Safety Certificate,  and is on either a powerboat
or PWC within 500 feet, and in sight of, the under-aged operator.

Unchanged is the definition of "accompanied" if the adult, certificated
operator is "on the same machine" - which permits operation at any age. Also
unchanged is the current law that permits unaccompanied children above the
age of 10 who hold a boating safety certificate to operate a power driven
vessel OTHER than a jet ski.

Although the law does NOT require it, it would be prudent to suggest that
all minor aged jet ski operators carry suitable proof of age on their
persons in addition to their Boating  Safety Certificate.

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